How can I have a page besides One Page layout, and also keep the menu working?

I’m sure that you fol­lowed this arti­cle in order to cre­ate an One Page. How­ev­er, many users pre­ferred to keep the con­tact page sep­a­rate (on a dif­fer­ent page). In this spe­cif­ic sce­nar­ios, here’s what hap­pens: the but­tons of the menu at the top of the page became unus­able since they were set to go to sec­tions on the same page.

Start­ing from here, we will cre­ate here only the menu for the con­tact page (or any oth­er page that is not includ­ed in One Page).

Step 1 — Installing the Required plugin

In order to be able to set a dif­fer­ent menu for the con­tact but­ton on the menu, we’ll need to use Con­di­tion­al Menus plu­g­in.

To cre­ate the menu links, we will:

  1. Go to Word­Press Dash­board → Appear­ance → click on Menus.
  2. Add a new Menu, let’s call it “Main Menu Sec­ondary” (or any oth­er name).
  3. Add a menu item for each page/subpage that you want to scroll to, like you did on the oth­er arti­cle. We will use the “Links” type and each item will have this par­tic­u­lar struc­ture:
    • URL: Link to the Open Page + #post-id-title where “id” is the Page ID that you can find by going in Admin Pan­el → Pages — select a page to edit and look at the brows­er URL bar; For exam­ple, if the link to the Open Page is and the ID is 220, the link to the sec­tion is
      *Note: You can skip the “-title” if you want to link direct­ly to the con­tent or if you don’t have a fea­tured image.
    • Link Text: the name that will appear on the menu (Eg. Reser­va­tions).
  4. Link to the page out­side of the One Page (for exam­ple, if we cre­ate a sep­a­rate menu for the Con­tact page, now you should add the link for this on by sim­ply select­ing it from the left side, from the Pages block).

Step 3 — Set the New Menu to the Separate Page

Go to Appear­ance → Menus → Man­age Loca­tions → Main Menu and click on Con­di­tion­al Menu. Now, on the new field, select the menu that we just cre­at­ed. Once you’ve done that, click on + Con­di­tions and select the page where you want to appear this menu (in our exam­ple, the Con­tact page). Now you just need to Save Changes and that’s all.

You can repeat the same process for any num­ber of sep­a­rate pages (you can have the home­page just as a pre­sen­ta­tion and keep the con­tact and the shop on dif­fer­ent pages).

This article applies to Rosa, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on April 19, 2017

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