Changing Fonts

We’re a design-cen­tered stu­dio who shares a real pas­sion for typog­ra­phy and all its char­ac­ter­is­tics: from admea­sure­ment to spac­ing until hier­ar­chy. That’s why we have a strong focus on offer­ing you enough room in order to find­ing the right match between the typo lay­er and your unique brand­ing approach.

Before you start

  • Being con­sis­tent regard­ing the fonts you’re using is essen­tial for your website’s suc­cess and healthy evo­lu­tion. That’s why we’re offer­ing site-wide options to avoid con­fus­ing you with a bunch of fonts and sizes per-pages choic­es.
  • Lim­it your­self to only a few fonts: it’s best to stick with two fonts but if you’re feel­ing ambi­tious, three is the max­i­mum.
  • We rec­om­mend you to always use head­ings in order to cre­ate hier­ar­chy and coher­ence with­in the struc­ture of one page or anoth­er.

Change the Font Style

One size doesn’t fit it all, and you know that. Depend­ing on the nature and the per­son­al­i­ty of your site, we sug­gest you dif­fer­ent typog­ra­phy options for mul­ti­ple ele­ments, such as head­ing, body text, page titles or project titles.

Change the Font Family

We encour­age you to choose from Google’s library of fonts which includes 600+ options. In align­ment with the theme, you can use the cus­tom font from our demo.

Change the Font size

All you have to do is to change the font size is to use the range slid­er. Usu­al­ly, it has a min­i­mum and a max­i­mum already estab­lished, depend­ing on the con­text. How­ev­er, please keep in mind that we use an algo­rithm to cal­cu­late font sizes on sev­er­al devices. This means it sets the dimen­sion on the desk­top, and we direct­ly come up with met­rics for tablet and mobile.

Use Premium Fonts

If you want to go even fur­ther, you can always appeal to cus­tom fonts. You can quick­ly make that hap­pen through seam­less inte­gra­tion with Fonto, our side-project. For fur­ther details, you can read this help­ful arti­cle about this plu­g­in.

Updated on April 30, 2017

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