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Pile takes full advantage of the Customizer in managing Theme Options, Layout, Colors and Fonts throughout your site as easy as possible. And what better way to make style changes than with live preview? Simply change any setting and see it take effect right way.

Theme Options

One of the most important components, that can be found under Appearance → Customize → Theme Options, where you’ll see options related to Logo, Dynamic Ajax Loading and more in the General section, whilst on the other sections, you’ll be able to add share services, play with your Custom JavaScript snippets or Import Demo Data.


The layout related settings can be found in Appearance → Customize → Layout. This section provides various options for the Header, Content and Footer areas. These features will allow you to easily customize your website’s layout from being able to adjust the Logo height, Navigation Style to change the size of the Container width or enable the 3D Grid and more.


You will find all the settings related to colors in the Appearance → Customize → Colors. By clicking on it, you have access to a number of different sub-sections with controls for the color of various elements on your site. We have grouped them in order to keep you focused on a specific area at a time (like the header or the footer).
Each color option comes with an interactive color picker, allowing you to select any shade imaginable. If you already know what you are after, simply type in the HEX color code (in case you wish to put the exact same color in multiple settings).


Pile delivers the whole 600 Google Fonts library at your fingertips. You can change each font by going to Appearance → Customize → Fonts. Be aware of using more than three different fonts — being consistent with fonts creates a unified look for your site.
If you are after premium fonts like the ones offered by TypeKit or the like, you will need to manually insert the code they provide via a child-theme.

CSS Editor

Now you have the ability to insert your own custom CSS code straight into the Customizer and get a live preview of it. If you are looking for some CSS tweaks, have a look around in our CSS Playground.

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Updated on April 18, 2017

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