Personalize your Site Appearance

Patch takes full advantage of the Customizer to make managing colors, fonts, layout and more settings, throughout your site as easy as possible.

And what better way to make style twists than with the live preview? Simply change any setting and see it take effect right way from Appearance  Customize. Make sure it represents your overall style and is in line with your brand personality. Consistency matters and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Style Presets

We know that a website has to match your style, therefore, we’ve added several preset styles to try out before you start fully customizing your digital crib. It offers you a wider perspective on what to expect at the end of the personalization process, so you don’t have any surprises.

One of the most visible parts of the website is the Header area. Here, you can change the Layout, Colors, and Fonts of the Logo, as well as the Navigation area.

  • From the Layout section, you can set the Logo Height, Navigation Link Spacing and Hide search button in Social Menu.
  • The Colors section allows you to change the Navigation Links Color and the Links Active Color.
  • From the Fonts section, you can set the Navigation text (font family, weight, subset, size, letter spacing and text transform)

Main Content

The Main Content section represents the spotlight of the website and it highlights your content from the blog post pages.

  • The Layout area allows you to change the Content Width, Content Sides Spacing, Container Sides Spacing, Site Border Width and Site Border Color.
  • From the Colors area, you can set the Page Title Color, Body Text Color, Body Link Underline Color, Accent Color and Headings Color(H1→H6).
  • On the Fonts tab, you can change the Page Title Font, Body Text Font, Quote Block Font and Headings Fonts(H1→H6).

The last, but not least section of a website is the Footer. Here you can display copyright text and much more than that.

  • The Layout section allows you to set the Copyright Text, Top Spacing, Bottom Spacing and  Hide Back To Top Link.
  • From the Colors area, you can change the Text Color and Links Color.

Blog Grid Items

The main page of your website is the blog post archive. This showcases the articles from your website in a fashionable manner, and helps you grab the right type of attention.

  • On the Layout section, you can adjust the Container Max Width, Container Sides Spacing, Items per Row, Items spacing, Excerpt Visibility, Primary Meta Section and Secondary Meta Section.
  • From the Colors tab, you can set the Item Title Color.
  • The Fonts area you can change the Item Title Font.

Patch options

Every theme has its own characteristic features and unique look-and feel. This area allows you to Hide the author bio on single posts.

Naming your website is an important part of the customization process. There’s a specific section which allows you to change the Site Title, Tagline, Logo, Site Title Size and Site Icon.

This article applies to Gema, Hive, and Patch as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on September 20, 2017

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