Adding a Reservation Form

Remem­ber the times when you went to your favorite restau­rant with­out a reser­va­tion, and the entire place was ful­ly booked. It wasn’t such a great expe­ri­ence, right? Now it’s eas­i­er to stay away from this kind of neg­a­tive emo­tions.

Table reser­va­tions are con­ve­nient from mul­ti­ple points of view: live-track­ing the capac­i­ty and the dynam­ic of the restau­rant, offer­ing a pleas­ant time to every­one and keep­ing things clear to focus on what tru­ly mat­ters — the atmos­phere.

Step 1 – Where to start?

We rec­om­mend two main options to get the job done. One is OpenTable, one of the most reli­able online ser­vices that offers restau­rant reser­va­tions to more than 30K loca­tions all around the world. The sec­ond one is tai­lored for self-host­ed needs, so basi­cal­ly you can use any plu­g­in you want. How­ev­er, our top rec­om­men­da­tions is Restau­rant Reser­va­tions.

Step 2 – How to make it happen?

If you plan to go with OpenTable, and add a reser­va­tion form on a par­tic­u­lar page, here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you need to get the Reser­va­tions Wid­get embed code from OpenTable (here’s a quick link) — please note that you need to already have your restau­rant part of the OpenTable net­work (more details);
  • Now from your Word­Press Dash­board go to Appear­ance → Cus­tomize → Gen­er­al and copy&paste your embed code into the OpenTable Embed Code field;
  • Click the Save & Pub­lish but­ton and you are done here.

Now that you have the data about your restau­rant, you can cre­ate all sorts of reser­va­tions forms any­where you like:

  • using the OpenTable Wid­get and adding it to your front page, foot­er area or side­bar;
  • using the [ot_reservation_widget] short­code to add a reser­va­tion form in any page con­tent or hero you like; the short­code sup­ports the “type” para­me­ter with the fol­low­ing val­ues: ‘stan­dard’, ‘tall’, ‘wide’, ‘but­ton’ (i.e. [ot_reservation_widget type=“wide”] for a wide reser­va­tions form).

On the oth­er hand, if you have a self-host­ed web­site and you want a reli­able option to achieve the same result feel free to use the  Restau­rant Reser­va­tions plu­g­in. This allows you to accept or reject book­ings, send a cus­tom e-mail noti­fi­ca­tion and keep peo­ple in the loop or restrict book­ing time in just a cou­ple of min­utes. The plu­g­in is devel­oped by a team with in-depth knowl­edge about the culi­nary busi­ness­es.

You can go even fur­ther by using a pre­mi­um solu­tion, such as the WooCom­merce Book­ings plu­g­in to add a reser­va­tion fea­ture to your web­site. Also, you can explore the Con­tact Form 7 plu­g­in if you only aim to receive an email with the book­ing details and don’t feel the need of a com­plex book­ing man­age­ment sys­tem. What­ev­er fits you best.

This article applies to Osteria, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on May 3, 2017

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