How to add a Profile Widget?

Show­cas­ing a sum­ma­ry of what’s your blog about is almost manda­to­ry. The main pur­pose is to help your vis­i­tors quick­ly under­stand what are they going to read about, no mat­ter if it’s about you — the author, a book, or a spe­cif­ic prod­uct.

The Pix­el­grade: Pro­file Wid­get is designed to present a short descrip­tion with the help of some spe­cif­ic fields like Head­line and Descrip­tion, where you can add your con­tent. How­ev­er, you can also add an extend­ed descrip­tion some­where else on your web­site and use a But­ton Link to help vis­i­tors find it.

Because every­thing needs to be respon­sive, we thought of a small yet mean­ing­ful detail: you can choose some of the descrip­tion text to not be dis­played on the mobile. How can you do that? Very sim­ple, using an HTML span such as: <span class = “hid­den-mobile”> eager to wan­der the world and inspire oth­ers do the same </span>. Every­thing inside this code will be dis­played on desk­top only and will be ignored on mobile.

It has nev­er been eas­i­er to intro­duce your vis­i­tors to your blog’s sto­ry just by using a sim­ple yet pow­er­ful wid­get on your home­page. Use this area wise­ly and make a short but catch­ing descrip­tion which peo­ple will remem­ber in the long run.

This article applies to Vasco, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on March 15, 2018

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