How to create a Google Maps API key?

Google Maps API requires a key in order to have access to its service. There are different places where this key is needed and the most important part is to generate it the right way. There’s a simple way to do that. 

In order to get generate a Google Maps API Key correctly, please follow the steps below:

#1. Access the Google Maps Console

#2. Choose “create new project” and click Continue


#3. On the Dashboard, click Enable APIS and Services


#4. Then search for the following separate API services.

  1. Maps Javascript API
  2. Geocoding API
  3. Geolocation API
  4. Places API

For each of those click “Enable”

#5. Back on your project dashboard click the “Credentials” tab. Click “Create Credentials” and choose ” API Key”.


Please do not forget to enable billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more:

Updated on May 19, 2020

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