Proofing Photos with your Clients

To ease the way pho­tog­ra­phers inter­act with their clients, we’ve cre­at­ed a pro­tect­ed straight­for­ward envi­ron­ment to dis­cuss and proof pho­tos from pho­to shoot­ings, all in an inter­ac­tive inter­face.

You can see it live in action, here (pass­word: nice).

Step 1 — Installing PixProof

Pix­Proof is a cus­tom plu­g­in that is meant to ease the way pho­tog­ra­phers inter­act with their clients and can be installed from the Word­Press Dash­board via the rec­om­mend­ed plu­g­ins noti­fi­ca­tion.

In no time, you can cre­ate a proof gallery from Proof Gal­leries→ Add New. In order to add images, you should fol­low the Adding Images to a Gallery flow from the Man­ag­ing Gal­leries arti­cle.

First­ly, you’ll see the default text edi­tor which will allow you to enter a “sto­ry” that will be dis­played on the gallery page.

Sec­ond­ly, there is the Pix­Proof Gallery sec­tion, which pro­vides the nec­es­sary spe­cif­ic set­tings, as fol­low­ing:

  • Gallery — Allows you to enrich your gallery with images by click­ing on the three pic­tures icons;
  • Client Name — Allows you to enter the client name which will be dis­played in the Fron­tEnd;
  • Date — Allows you to enter the date of the gallery;
  • Pho­tos Dis­play Name — Allows the iden­ti­fi­ca­tions of each pho­to by Unique IDs, Con­sec­u­tive IDs, File Name, Unique IDs and Pho­to Title, Con­sec­u­tive IDs and Pho­to Title;
  • Client .zip archive — Allows you to upload a .zip archive so the client can down­load it via the Down­load link. Leave it emp­ty to hide the link.

Now that you have set­up the Proof Gallery, all you have to do is to set a pass­word by going up to the Pub­lish Pan­el Vis­i­bil­i­ty  Edit Pass­word Pro­tect­ed.

You are good to go! Email the client with the URL and the pass­word. They will be greet­ed to enter the pass­word in order to access the gallery.

Understanding the Client Workflow

The work­flow that we have envi­sioned is a pret­ty straight­for­ward one, as fol­low­ing:

  1. You (the pho­tog­ra­ph­er) upload the pho­tos;
  2. The client comes in and selects the ones he likes (even­tu­al­ly offer­ing com­ments through the form on the bot­tom of the gallery page – this is why we have left the image id so you can ref­er­ence the images in your dis­cus­sions);
  3. You make the adjust­ments, remove/re-upload­/ed­it the gallery and the process con­tin­ues.

*Note: You can men­tion the pho­tos in com­ments via the pho­to ID which means that we will auto­mat­i­cal­ly link any #XXXX with a link to that spe­cif­ic image so you’ll find it eas­i­er.

That is pret­ty much of it. You can now go back and forth with your client to set­tle on the best pho­tos that will make for that awe­some album.

This article applies to Border, Lens, and Timber as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on April 20, 2017

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