Creating a One–Page Style Website

Peo­ple tend to skip web­sites with­in the very first sec­onds. If the infor­ma­tion is chaot­ic, the UX flows are annoy­ing, the col­ors are irri­tat­ing, or the con­tent lacks emo­tion, you will lose poten­tial cus­tomers. In this arti­cle we walk you through the process of cre­at­ing a One-Page Web­site that fits your busi­ness needs.

Creating the page structure

One-Page means noth­ing more than adding mul­ti­ple child pages to a par­ent one. In sim­ple words, the page at the top is called the par­ent page and the oth­ers that go under this one are know as sub-pages. Please keep in mind that you need to start cre­at­ing and pub­lish­ing the par­ent page first. Also, don’t for­get to check this page in the Par­ent field on the right side edi­tor tool­bar (under the Page Attrib­ut­es), and click on the Update but­ton to save the changes.

Creating the menu

Now that you know the reliance between par­ent pages and child pages, you can go fur­ther and cre­ate the menu items for the One-Page Style you’re cre­at­ing. Please fol­low these par­tic­u­lar steps in order to make it hap­pen:

  • Log in into your Word­Press Dash­board;
  • Go to Appear­ance → Cus­tomize → Menus;
  • Cre­ate a new menu by click­ing the Add a Menu but­ton and add an easy to remem­ber name for it;
  • Next, add a menu item for each sub-page. Please read this arti­cle about how to prop­er­ly man­age the nav­i­ga­tion in Word­Press;
  • In the same arti­cle you can learn how to dis­play the menu at the top of your page.
  • Now that you’ve done with cre­at­ing the page hier­ar­chy, sim­ply set the par­ent page as your front page from Set­tings → Read­ing → Front page dis­plays.


Can I change the order of the main items form a One-Page?

Yes, you can. We wrote a ded­i­cat­ed arti­cle about how to eas­i­ly man­age the nav­i­ga­tion of your web­site. It is quite sim­ple to change the order of the items or to even drop some of them. Please note that chang­ing the menu item’s order will not change the order of your sub-pages — you need to reorder the pages for that.

Where should I dis­play the main menu?

In the­o­ry, there are sev­er­al spots where you can show­case the menu of your web­site, the head­er being the stan­dard. In fact, it real­ly depends on your needs, but keep in mind a sim­ple trick: nobody will spend time search­ing for the About or Menu or Reser­va­tions but­tons. They need to be out there, very handy for every­one.

This article applies to Osteria, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on March 2, 2017

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