What should I do if no map is displayed on the archive or listing?

A com­mon prob­lem that appears on the map side is when no map is dis­played and the Oops! Some­thing went wrong mes­sage appears in the mid­dle of the page. There’s a sim­ple and fast way to get this fixed. You just need to gen­er­ate a new Google Maps API key for your web­site. Here are a few steps that will get things back to nor­mal:

  1. Go to this link;
  2. Press the GET A KEY but­ton;
  3. Click the Select or cre­ate project option;
  4. Select Cre­ate a new project;
  5. Add a name for your project;
  6. Click the Cre­ate and enable API but­ton;
  7. Copy the API key gen­er­at­ed for you;
  8. Paste the key into the List­ings → Set­tings → Google Maps API key field.

This article applies to Listable, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on December 6, 2017

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