Why we no longer offer Pixelgrade Blogs?

Pixelgrade Blogs meant a steady solution for bloggers who were at the beginning, just scratching the surface. We invested a lot of resources of all kinds (time, energy, and money) in creating a super performant yet straightforward infrastructure to help them kick‐off with ease. We partnered with Flywheel, one of the best hosting companies out there — to make sure our customers are in a great company from top to toe.

From the customer’s perspective, it was magic: everything happened by the blink of an eye. They had access to their Dashboard with ease, and they could start writing their first stories. We assumed from the early days that we want to help them focus on what they love most: writing. We had their back with all the technical aspects. We even created more content tailored to their particular needs to assist them during the process and make the most out of it.

After six months of experimenting, we concluded that we no longer want to continue with this solution. It works flawlessly, but we don’t have control over how a beginner blogger refers to its upcoming website. We have at least three reasons which back up this decision:

  1. Lack of commitment — most of the customers test, experiment, play around, but they don’t have a strong drive to succeed in the long run.
  2. Ordinary support — we’ve always been those folks who helped customers with top‐notch support, going the extra mile and offering smart solutions. Beginner bloggers need assistance that we consider almost ordinary. All the info is already out there on the internet.
  3. A platform not suitable for beginners: WordPress.com is, by far, a better solution for this target since it’s the perfect entry‐point for them. For beginners, WordPress (self‐hosted) is not necessarily easy‐peasy, they need time and guidance to manage it.

On top of that, we want to stick to our mission and core values, and this implies to help people who want to have an impact on their communities. In other words, they are already engaged and have the drive, and we help them build from there.

What’s next?

We will continue to do what we know best: provide beautiful themes and cover real pains though design‐thinking. We will help people move to the next level and stand out from the crowd by offering them more than WordPress themes. We’re working on developing an entire ecosystem around their needs which imply design tools to help them create and maintain a consistent brand style.

We are happy we tried and gave back to those who are excited to join the blogging adventure, but we are proud we found out that we can bring more added value to those who are already put their skin in the game.

Updated on October 22, 2018

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