First-Hand Advice for Beginner Food Bloggers

Learn how the pas­sion for food can turn into a lifestyle and open chal­leng­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties.

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #7

Learn more about what we man­aged to achieve in the last six months, which were the strug­gles along the way, and what’s the focus for the next peri­od.

How Should Bloggers and Brands Work Together

Blog­gers could cre­ate bet­ter brand part­ner­ships to mon­e­tize the con­tent and increase their rev­enue streams.

The Pixelgrade Path For Some Of Our Teammates

Four of our team­mates are cel­e­brat­ing a bunch of years of doing great work at Pix­el­grade.

How the big questions you have can turn into a blog

Steve Chap­man reach­es his and oth­ers’ poten­tial through the pow­er of cre­ativ­i­ty. He’s shar­ing inspir­ing sto­ries about his activ­i­ty on a beau­ti­ful blog made with Felt.

New To The Blogging World? We Help You Kick-Off In Style

Being new in the blog­ging world can feel scary. We help you start with the right foot and achieve out­stand­ing results in the long run.

WOWing your customers

Nowa­days, cus­tomer sup­port means so much more than find­ing solu­tions to spe­cif­ic prob­lems.


Follow-up thoughts on our ebook about customer service

A sto­ry about what we’ve learned from cre­at­ing and shar­ing a guide for cus­tomer sup­port with the Word­Press lovers.