Follow-up thoughts on our ebook about customer service

Oana Filip

We’re true fans of Help Scout. We’re mak­ing the most out of their awe­some tool on a dai­ly basis. We’re also loy­al read­ers of their out­stand­ing con­tent and their hon­est approach: ‘‘Before you spend ener­gy on try­ing to amaze peo­ple, make sure you’re solv­ing their prob­lem every time. Be reli­able, be on time, and reduce unpleas­ant sur­pris­es.’’ via

Expectations come first

This sto­ry is about what we’ve learned from cre­at­ing and shar­ing a guide for cus­tomer sup­port with the Word­Press com­mu­ni­ty. We already said in dif­fer­ent con­texts (espe­cial­ly on Twit­ter) what’s in and what’s out. So this time we’re going to focus on the insights we’ve cap­tured along the way.

We’re thrilled to let you know about the feed­back we’ve gath­ered while build­ing this resource, and after send­ing it to Word­Press authors and pros from the field. Each opin­ion is full of mean­ing and truth. Thank you and stay awe­some, mates!

Keep an active dia­logue with your cus­tomers. Make them hap­py! 👫

Most people genuinely care about their customers

The guide was down­loaded by a wide range of folks. From peo­ple who build Word­Press themes, oth­er who talk about cus­tomer sup­port as an area of exper­tise to busi­ness own­ers who have to deal with clients. All of them are inter­est­ed in deliv­er­ing bet­ter expe­ri­ences. Keep it up!

Looks good man, pret­ty well orga­nized and awe­some styling. I can cer­tain­ly see it becom­ing a guide per se.
— Mario Peshev, Devrix

There’s no such thing as ‘‘too much fuss about customer support’’

Even though the dig­i­tal gar­den is full of resources regard­ing cus­tomer sup­port, cus­tomer ser­vice, cus­tomer expe­ri­ence or you-name-it, there is always some­thing that worths being said out loud. Main­ly because there are dif­fer­ent ways of doing it. Dif­fer­ent play­grounds to explore. Dif­fer­ent insights to bring to the table. Which is great!

You and your team have done a great job with the guide. It’s full of sol­id ideas and prac­ti­cal advice. Nice­ly done!
 — Chase Clemons, Base­camp

The WordPress community is open to such guides

If it’s not a plu­g­in, a wid­get, a tool, this doesn’t mean that the Word­Press peo­ple will auto­mat­i­cal­ly reject it. Not even close. This is the mag­ic about this tribe: the sim­ple fact that those who’re part of it are always striv­ing to become bet­ter, both on a soft and hard skill lev­el as well. Love­ly!

I like the design and how every­thing fits per­fect­ly inside the pages. The con­tent is valu­able as well, and it’s so easy to read it from top to toe. I already send it to my sup­port team.
— Ruben Bris­t­ian, Crown Themes

Back to the basics

If you didn’t get the chance to read it or you sim­ply have no clue about our guide, please allow us to shed some light in order to rein­force the expec­ta­tions. We respect your time as much as we respect ours.

First of all, we still think of this it as a beta ver­sion, and we’re eager to con­tin­ue to improve it in a wide range of ways. Your feed­back is cru­cial, so please don’t stop send­ing your thoughts on this one.

Sec­ond of all, as we said it so many times (includ­ing in the Trans­paren­cy Report #4), we have a spe­cial focus on improv­ing the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. How we make them feel, how empa­thet­ic we are with their strug­gles or con­cerns, which atti­tude defines us while deal­ing with them, why we aim to reach the extra mile. Every­thing should be from the same play­ground.

That’s why this guide is, first of all, an inter­nal resource that direct­ly helps our cus­tomer sup­port crew deliv­er bet­ter work on their dai­ly job.

So if you expect to get recipes of any kind, just don’t both­er to down­load it because you’ll get none of them. Instead, you can take a trans­par­ent look inside our team to find out how we improve this activ­i­ty one step at a time. In the end, we’re on the same page regard­ing how much we care about our cus­tomers, right?

A fast-forward look into our guide:

If any of the fol­low­ing hot spots rais­es an eye­brow, then you might find our guide use­ful and rel­e­vant for your dig­i­tal activ­i­ty.

  • Tips about how to set the tone and voice
  • Action­able insights for strate­gic com­mu­ni­ca­tion
  • Rec­om­men­da­tions to make writ­ten ideas shine
  • Prin­ci­ples to guide you on this path
  • Cus­tomers-Per­sonas and how to become friends

Feel free to ping us and share your two cents about any­thing you think is valu­able and can help us do a bet­ter job regard­ing sim­i­lar resources.

Oana Filip
Oana Filip

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