Introducing Pixelgrade Club: A Solid Solution for Bloggers

Update: The details presented in this article no longer match our current business model. In the past few months, we’ve been gathering customer insights that led us to the decision to modify our offer to better match their needs and expectations.

We’re living in the golden age of online publishing where everyone is able to easily share their beliefs with the world. At Pixelgrade, our mission is to help people express their creative ideas better. Here’s how we get the job done.

The Problem

There is a wide range of tools and services available for bloggers who want to build up their place in the digital world and gather a community around them. However, there seems to be no properly integrated solution which connects the dots and makes the site building process painless.

Online publishing is a commodity these days and can be easily done through general channels like Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, but an idea would not reach its highest form and will not be delivered on its own wholeness unless it’s placed in a context where all the surrounding elements are closely linked to the personality of its creator — the author. Once your idea is in the spotlight you can consider that it has a real chance to shine and reach its true potential.

A carefully thought-out idea cannot reach its highest form without a well-matched context.

Most of the current blogging platforms are merely providing a functional solution by simply allowing you to publish your content online. The truth is that this is not enough anymore. To create your corner of the Internet, a blog that fully represents you means much more than that.

WordPress: Still the Best Platform for Blogging

WordPress remains one of the most popular publishing platforms, and it’s the first choice among many successful bloggers or online magazines because it manages to balance between ease-of-use and customization opportunities.

While you are given full control in writing the content, the presentation side of it is done through thousands of WordPress Themes (or templates) available out there.

A theme is a way to organize the content on the screen and its core purpose is to save your decision-making energy by taking opinionated design resolutions about the site layout, fonts, and colors.

There are already a bunch of outcomes that people need to take care during a site-building process (e.g. site naming, content strategy, marketing). Once they found a theme they should be able to enjoy their beautiful site and avoid the hassle of choosing between hundreds of customizations options.

Decision fatigue can lead people on the wrong paths and that’s not the smartest thing to do if their aim is to enjoy a delightful experience along the way.

Themes: There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Among the many available themes on various marketplaces, a limited number of them are actually taking care of your particular needs. On top of that, they often address a wide range of pains by offering an outrageous level of flexibility in terms of customization: unlimited control over the grid and layout, hundreds of random fonts to choose from, colors pickers for each element and so on — no decision is actually taken, and no help is actually provided in your site building process.

Some WordPress designs are so flexible in terms of customizations options that people should wonder: if two different themes are so flexible that you can use one to create the other, what’s in it for you?

A theme should give you creative freedom, not unrestrained resilience.

Leaving all the tough process of decision making on user’s shoulders makes it almost impossible to achieve the results he or she dreamt of. This gets us back to the beginning — why would you, the creator, choose such a solution?

Introducing Pixelgrade Club

Our mission is to help people express their creative ideas better, which means that our focus is to pay close attention to their distinct needs, moving towards shaping an entire experience: from the initial first steps in setting up the WordPress platform to the installation and configuration of plugins, up until the customization of the website to reflect the owner’s personality, a helping hand with the content strategy, and tools to boost their ideas into the world.

We took those value propositions and successfully put them together under the same roof: “Pixelgrade Club”.

What is Pixelgrade Club?

We’ve been crafting solutions for bloggers for more than six years, so we’re quite entitled to think that we have an in-depth understanding about how to create the right solutions for this tribe.

Pixelgrade Club is a subscription-based service aimed at matching the bloggers’ needs and requests:

  • We provide a carefully crafted set of theme designs based on a long-thought research process where we’re going through all the necessary stages, collecting and evaluating data from people in similar circumstances, all to make decisions in your favor.
  • We give you access to an easy-to-use customizations’ system that helps you link the initial design with your personality (eg. colors or fonts).
  • We propose a kick-off content strategy to help you better organize your site content and make it easier to be discovered by your visitors.
  • We thoroughly test, stylize and recommend the best plugins that could extend the core theme functionality.
  • We stay close to you through support and assistance to help you solve any kind of struggles in due time.
  • We constantly write educational content to empower you in achieving success and making a hit out of your blog.
  • We give you access to a growing community of bloggers where you can interact with other people and share ideas.
  • An active blogger is naturally growing, their personal branding is developing, so their online presence should keep up with this rhythm. That’s why we give you the option to switch between themes without losing any content, each one addressing different stages of your evolution. Do it whenever you want, depending on where you are and how your needs change in the meantime.
  • We carefully listen to your feedback and we’re looking to grow together, building up new tools and solutions that you actually need.

How much does Pixelgrade Club cost?

From the early days, we aimed to offer a cost-effective pricing plan, but also an optimal and sustainable long-term solution, both for our customers and for our business.

We managed to make it happen by offering people a free two-week trial period so they can get their blog up-and-running and also have a first-hand experience. After these 14-days bloggers can kick-off with a monthly cost that equals two cups of Starbucks coffee or the latest Ed Sheeran album. Pretty affordable, huh?

I’m here to help you create a fabulous blog

Express your ideas better next to me.

Get started now

Why do we think that this is the future? A blog is a dynamic environment that needs to be nurtured and regularly maintained to adapt to the everyday challenges of external factors that could influence its success. It could be highly demanding to keep it in a great shape, but we’re on a mission to stay close to creators, to support and assist them on their journey. We strongly believe that through Pixelgrade Club we can create a long-term solution and relationship.

What’s next?

While the current status of the Pixelgrade Club is enticing enough for our members to express their ideas online, we took a strong commitment to making it even better.

On the one hand, we will continue to address new niches of blogging (e.g. travelers, marketing or vloggers) with specific solutions according to their needs. On the other hand, we want to improve the current tools and provide new ones for members to be able to better express their stories and reach success next to us (e.g. a brand creator toolkit or an online library where members can share their styles).

We consider ourselves responsible for their overall website creation process and while we started by improving only a component of the whole system (e.g. themes), we’re moving towards an inclusive solution that allows people to be able to setup their blog in a breeze. We will take care of all the technical details (eg. hosting, WordPress setup, domain mapping) so that creators of all kinds can focus on what really matters for them at the end of the day.

There’s still a way to go and plenty of challenges to face, both for us and for the blogging lovers, but we’re confident we’re on the right track. Stay tuned for more insights on how Pixelgrade Club evolves and becomes spectacular.


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