Letter from Alice — a Happy Member of Pixelgrade Club

Oana Filip

Alice is a proud mem­ber of Pix­el­grade Club. She joined the ride a few weeks ago, and she’s hap­py how things worked out for her. The most sig­nif­i­cant win is that the cur­rent blog reflects her val­ues and high­lights her thoughts as she always imag­ined.

I focused on what I knew best: express­ing my ideas and shar­ing them with the world.

Hello Dear Digital Fellow,

My name is Alice. I’m 24 years old, I live in Berlin, but I move reg­u­lar­ly, so it’s hard to name a base­camp. I am a part-time blog­ger and a full-time account exec­u­tive.

I love sto­ries of all kinds, and I hon­est­ly believe they help us bet­ter under­stand the world. Great nar­ra­tives nar­row gaps, bring togeth­er a wide range of dif­fer­ences and move us towards a com­mon goal. At least that’s the effect they have on me. Mean­ing­ful sto­ries equal a more authen­tic approach to life.

I read and trav­el a lot, and I love learn­ing from real peo­ple and expe­ri­ences. I feel the need to get exposed and dig into chal­leng­ing sce­nar­ios of all kinds. All this dynam­ic which I deeply enjoy made me won­der if it’s not great tim­ing for start­ing a blog and shar­ing my thoughts and oth­er crazy ideas.

Let us woof around by creating a fabulous blog.

We help you express your ideas bet­ter.

Get start­ed now

I was search­ing for a sim­ple solu­tion, easy to get along with­out hir­ing a devel­op­er or spend­ing too much mon­ey on things I don’t need (at least now). I wasn’t ready for a tech­ni­cal roller coast­er, full of ques­tions I couldn’t pos­si­bly under­stand.

Some­how, I came across Pix­el­grade Club, and I fell in love with Hive. It looked quite charm­ing, and it seemed to be an excel­lent fit for what I want to get as a blog­ger who starts a dig­i­tal jour­ney.

I enrolled by the blink of an eye thanks to their 14-day free tri­al peri­od, and I kicked-off. I got e-mails with plen­ty of use­ful resources to assist me to get along with this new toy. From baby steps regard­ing what to do in the first phase until in-depth arti­cles con­cern­ing how to gath­er a com­mu­ni­ty around my sto­ries.

The onboard­ing flow helped me save valu­able time and ener­gy. I focused on what I knew best: express­ing my ideas and shar­ing them with the world. I was ful­ly aware from day one that I have writ­ing skills, maybe even some edit­ing abil­i­ties, but cer­tain­ly I’m far away from the tech­ni­cal know-how.

The best thing is that Pixelgrade’s crew got me cov­ered so that I can invest my resources in what I love most: writ­ing.

Dear friend, thanks for read­ing till the end. Now, I want to be com­plete­ly hon­est and admit I made-up this sto­ry, but could as well be Adela’s or any oth­er mem­ber of the Club. We have plen­ty of exam­ples that prove that we’re not talk­ing bull­shit nor we’re tak­ing cred­its for grant­ed. I just want­ed to reveal the perks of join­ing our com­mu­ni­ty through the pow­er of sto­ry­telling. I hope I, at least, made you curi­ous.

This could be your sto­ry too.

Oana Filip
Oana Filip

Digital storyteller @Pixelgrade and community builder for creative industries. A true believer in the power of making the world a better place.