Adela Uses Gema to Spotlight Her Drooling Food Experiments

Oana Filip

We deeply believe our cus­tomers have sto­ries that can change the world for the bet­ter. We care about their suc­cess in the dig­i­tal play­ground, and we assist them with every­thing they need to reach their cre­ative poten­tial. Their jour­ney is ours too.

We kick off this jour­ney with Adela, a Chief Exper­i­men­tal­ist & Taster who has a strong con­nec­tion with Slow Food, nature, and snow­board. This inter­view is about her pas­sion for food, and how Gema gives her a help­ing hand in the dig­i­tal path.

Q: How it started, and what’s the story behind

Adela: It start­ed on a whim, as a way to express what I felt towards some cook’s self-right­eous online opin­ions about how peo­ple must pre­pare food at home. For me, food is not about musts. Nor about strict quan­ti­ties, mea­sures or tech­niques. Why must we fol­low some strict cook­ing guide­lines when we are so unique in tastes and pref­er­ences and a lit­tle bit of exper­i­men­ta­tion doesn’t hurt?

I strong­ly felt back then, and still do now, that food is one of the sim­plest, most hon­est and very inti­mate ways of shar­ing a tiny bit of the real you, your vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties, your roots and the unique alche­my of ingre­di­ents that make you — you, with those around the table, regard­less of them being fam­i­ly, friends or com­plete strangers.

Of course, food can also be bril­liant sci­ence that inno­vates taste, that edu­cates peo­ple and brings culi­nary mas­ter­pieces in the spot­light. How­ev­er, this is a total­ly dif­fer­ent sto­ry.

At home, regard­less of where we each feel at home — indoors or out­doors, in front of a fire, in the jun­gle, on top of the moun­tain, or in a fan­cy man­sion — peo­ple don’t nat­u­ral­ly take out mea­sur­ing scales to see how much an egg weights and they don’t freak out if the but­ter is salt­ed or com­plete­ly miss­ing. They just fig­ure things out as they go along, they put out a tiny bit of their heart in a bowl or on a plate and the food comes out per­fect — for them. And this is how it’s sup­posed to be.

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I mean, a sim­ple act of adding salt to a dish means that we uncon­scious­ly tri­al and error and cor­rect what we cook, to make what­ev­er is in the pot plea­sur­able to our taste buds. Why would that be an issue? Why must we fol­low some strict cook­ing guide­lines when we are so unique in tastes and pref­er­ences and a lit­tle bit of exper­i­men­ta­tion doesn’t hurt? With­out exper­i­men­ta­tion, there is no curios­i­ty, and with­out curios­i­ty, what would be left of the diverse and won­der­ful world of fla­vors that we get to under­stand by cook­ing intu­itive­ly?

At the same time, back when I start­ed the site, writ­ing in Roman­ian was some­thing I felt I need­ed to exer­cise more, and it felt right to do that by writ­ing on a top­ic I enjoy deeply and I can relate to.

So, yeah, Adelicii is total­ly a per­son­al sto­ry in a con­stant exper­i­men­tal state, sea­soned all the time and writ­ten in a relaxed way, dri­ven by curios­i­ty and pas­sion, cur­rent­ly cooked prop­er­ly with the help of a dream team of peo­ple with dif­fer­ent ideas about food cul­ture, recipes, pho­tog­ra­phy, writ­ing and every­thing in between.

Q: How would you define your online crib: gourmet blog, wanderer into the culinary universe, gastronomic passion?

Adela: It’s a play­ground with a crazy mon­tagne russe that gets shaped all the time, along with my inner pur­suit of under­stand­ing more of the world through its food culture/s. I would not know how to label it in a fan­cy way. Or in any way, for that mat­ter.

Q: What makes your website stand out from the (foodie) crowd?

Adela: No idea. I don’t real­ly fol­low a lot of Roman­ian food blogs and I don’t care about stand­ing out. Adelicii is first and fore­most a very self­ish thing, a mix of play­ful whim, food insights and ran­dom bursts of per­son­al culi­nary expe­ri­ences that I want to remem­ber. It utter­ly lacks any strat­e­gy and hav­ing no need to com­pare the web­site with what oth­ers do, leaves me open to jug­gle, enjoy the ride and choose from what­ev­er unknown culi­nary direc­tions I hap­pen to walk on next.

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Q: What convinced you to choose this WordPress theme?

Adela: The theme I was using before had already been obso­lete for me for a while, and I want­ed some­thing clean to replace it with. Some­thing that would allow me to let the site fol­low my cur­rent mind­set, let the Adelicii logo breathe with­out try­ing to shove it in people’s faces.

I also want­ed a par­tic­u­lar struc­ture, a cer­tain flow of infor­ma­tion, to make con­tent easy to read and images to be show­cased with­out any ran­dom clut­ter. When I found Gema, saw the demo and read the way it works, I knew it’s the right one for Adelicii — esthet­i­cal­ly and func­tion­al­ly.

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Q: How does it make your digital life easier or more pleasant?

Adela: It’s a beau­ti­ful theme and eye can­dy makes my heart tick­le in a good way. It’s built on Word­Press and I’ve been using this CMS on Adelicii since day 1, so I keep the com­fort of using some­thing I already under­stand and know. It’s flex­i­ble and easy to cus­tomize, so I don’t get bored or annoyed when I want to do a minor change.

Q: Which specific feature do you enjoy most about Gema?

Adela: Its flex­i­bil­i­ty, I like how it incor­po­rates Jet­pack and how it pulls togeth­er and dis­plays images and con­tent in a crisp, orga­nized way.

Q: What makes this theme a hit?

Adela: This sounds like such a cliche, but I would say the peo­ple behind it. The theme is, in the end, just a tool, some­thing that I use with a clear pur­pose — to get from A to B — to pub­lish a post, to upload an image, to write some lines.

Work­ing in a way that lets me get what­ev­er I want to be done quick­ly, makes Gema a good tool for me. Which means it’s been designed and built prop­er­ly.

The same applies to cus­tomer sup­port, which is a peo­ple-dri­ven ser­vice. Yours is respon­sive and solu­tion-ori­ent­ed, so I don’t lose time with hav­ing to under­stand code or ran­dom oth­er tech stuff that I don’t want to both­er with.

Which I think is enough to under­line my point about peo­ple. With­out peo­ple, there is no Gema, with­out Gema there is no hit. 😊

Oana Filip
Oana Filip

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