The importance of colors and personality for growing your blog

Colors are an expression of our personality, and they have the power to influence your audience feelings and behaviors.


Starting your Traveling Blog with Vasco

Learn more about the process of building Vasco — a beautiful travel blog theme that helps bloggers stand out from the crowd.


Introducing Pixelgrade Club: A Solid Solution for Bloggers

We’re living in the golden age of online publishing where everyone is able to easily share their beliefs with the world. At Pixelgrade, our mission is to help people express their creative ideas better. Here’s how we get the job done.

Pixelgrade Club

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #5

The first six months of 2017 have been quite a challenge due to internal struggles and growing pains, but also because of market evolution and surprises.


How can I add an overlay page?

There are cases when you’ll need to display just a bunch of content and make it easily accessible for others. In the following steps, you’ll be able to achieve the same result as showcased for the Contact page. Step 1 — Create a Page Log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages, click on Add a new page and name it […]

What Is the Difference between Rosa and Osteria?

Rosa is our flagship restaurant WordPress theme, and it’s one of the most famous product in this particular niche. It was launched three years ago, and it’s constantly being improved thanks to the in‐depth feedback we’re receiving from our customers. It works flawlessly so that you can create a website without losing too much time, effort or money. However, we […]

Using Google Analytics for Ajax Powered Themes

Being based on an AJAX powered WordPress theme, your website is considered by Google Analytics to be more like an application and it’s not possible to use the default JavaScript tracking snippet to track your visitors. There is a new official library released by Google called AutoTrack which help you exactly in this situation. To install autotrack to […]

Fonto – A Better Solution for Premium Fonts in WordPress

Fonto is an in‐house WordPress plugin that gives you a helping hand when it comes to adding a new font to your website. Since there are plenty of possibilities to mix and match, we think that having such a reliable tool next to you will highly facilitate the process of decision‐making. With Fonto you know for sure that you […]